Cook 14112016

14112016 a day after the Culverden 7.8 earthquake.
TRWH (Terawhiti Station) showed a reverse of the vertical uplift of 64.24mm the day before, with a drop of -67.62mm, although horizontally TRWH continued to move SSW, especially South 76.9mm, for a total in 2 days of -102.22mm South.
TORY also continued to move south 79.9mm, for a total in 2 days of -161.96mm, although the station dropped 11.37mm a reverse from the previous day of a 22.6mm uplift.
OKOH (Okoha Station) did a complete reverse SSE (5.46mmE, -57.68mmS) from the previous days SSW (-25.34mmW, -62.06mmS) movement, and dropped 1.28mm versus the previous days 11.55mm uplift.
WGTN Wellington Airport and BTHL (Battery Hill Station) on the Wairarapa South Coast also showed a moderate reverse vertically, with WGTN regaining the 9.38mm drop of the previous day and adding another 5.45mm of uplift.
BTHL regained the 19.64mm drop of the previous day and added a significant 36.43mm extra uplift, to end up 56.07mm higher than the day before the Culverden 7.8 quake

See Table below for station measurements.

KAPT 1.01 E -20.93 S 8.73 U
PAEK -4.11 W -20.34 S 3.94 U
TRWH -5 W -76.9 S -67.62 D
OTAK -1.06 W -15.48 S -4.45 D
LEVN -2.14 W -11.95 S 0.5 U
AVLN 2.23 E -20.84 S 1.46 U
WGTN 5.01 E -31.63 S 14.83 U
CLIM -1.72 W -10.4 S 7.55 U
MTQN -3.84 W -9.75 S 15.33 U
BTHL 28.17 E -34.24 S 56.07 U
TORY -2.09 W -79.89 S 22.6 U
OKOH 5.46 E -57.68 S 11.55 U
DURV -8.28 W -29.74 S 15.59 U

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