Cook 13112016

13112016 was the day of the Culverden 7.8 earthquake. Large areas of the Marlborough coast uplifted up to 6 metres.
The Cook area also showed some significant horizontal SW movement on each side of the Strait, all stations in the Cook Area showed S movement over 10mm. TORY (Arapawa No2 Station) showed the largest SW movement of 45.69mm W and 82.07mm S.
Coastal stations on both sides show longer than usual maximimm SW arrows where movement was over 30mm.
TRWH (Terawhiti Station) showed vertical uplift of 64.24mm and the extended vertical bar reflects this.
See Table below for station measurements.


KAPT -11.35 W -20.48 S 2.2 U
PAEK -4.42 W -20.82 S 0.23 U
TRWH -17.98 W -25.32 S 64.24 U
OTAK -1.22 W -14.02 S 5.44 U
LEVN -0.78 W -11.59 S 4.15 U
AVLN -2.19 W -29.54 S -3.13 D
WGTN -6.81 W -32.14 S -9.38 D
CLIM 3.74 E -14.32 S -8.96 D
MTQN 2.45 E -13.27 S -5.89 D
BTHL 9.83 E -10.29 S -19.64 D
TORY -45.69 W -82.07 S -11.37 D
OKOH -25.34 W -62.06 S -1.28 D
DURV -9.87 W -31.09 S -3.12 D

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